Tokyo (Oct-30-Nov1)

This pretty much sums up everything in life. 

While sitting in traffic on the Whitestone Bridge, I got a great shot of Manhattan in the gray sky.  

My Boing 777 to Japan. This fucking plane had no wifi, therefore I missed the RedSox winning the world series. It was one of the few RedSox games I missed listening to all year.

 My inflight map: While helpful it makes the 14 non stop flight excruciating painful...  

 Welcome to Haneda International Airport. International flights disembark on the runway and then you take a bus to the terminal. I like flying to Haneda because of the Tokyo Monorail. 470 yen into the city and then a connecting train ride for an additional 140 yen. Total cost from airport to hotel: $6.20. 
 Airplane food put me straight on the toilet (which has instructions) once I found my hotel.
 My plan to try and sleep the first night... drinking anything with the most alcohol I could find. (tastes like sprite). I ended up sleeping for 3 hours. 
 Walking around Shin-Okubu in the moring... 

 iphone holder
 Kingdom of steak
 Mushroom toys
 For supplies and other non Ma.K. kits: 
Yodobashi Camera Hobby (its in the basement of the video game section)
Their selection and prices are unmatched anywhere in Tokyo. The Staff even speaks some english. Their selection of Maschinen Krieger kits in small thou. This is where I buy my paint. 

 a selection of some of the paints. 
 On the way to Akihabara
 In Yellow Submarine:
 Charley Jsan from 2 plastic Cats... 
 one of the greatest things I saw in the afternoon... 

 Cat cafe... 
 outside my hotel at 2 am. 
The other gem of shinjuku is the Mokei Factory inside the 0101 building. Its on the 7th floor and has the biggest selection of Ma.K. Ive seen in tokyo. However the prices are a few yen more per kit. so figure out what is more important: time or money. Mokei normally has some NOS kits laying about, for example I found a Polar Bear and a Lunar Pawn along with some Ketzers and Gustavs. 

As far as Akihabara went: 
I went to the 2 new Leonardo stores... One of them had a Gans for 6500yen and a Nitto gustav for 2500 yen. Kind of expensive for the 2 kits. But their selection of other old used kits was amazing. Definitely a place for kit bashers. 

Volks: Has a small selection of Ma.k. but good prices on the new releases. 2000 yen for the Racoon (the cheapest I saw). 
AsoBit Hobby City: Again a small collection of Ma.K. but the only store to have the Großerhund KYKLOP. 

By the afternoon, my jet lag was really kicking in... so my photo taking started to taper off. I will have more updates about this trip soon... 


  1. Hey Klav, great post! I'll definitely be using this during my summer trip. Did the airline give you any grief about bringing paint home? I imagine you put it in your check-in luggage, but I'm worried about spending a small fortune on supplies and having them snatched away (technically they are restricted since they are flammable)


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