Thursday, January 21, 2016

Deathspotter and Dayone Raptor

Brought this piece back to life after sitting primed for 8 months.

"Day one raptor"

3D print of human skull, 3/4 scale
springs and guitar strings

woodcut block print
black versions drying
Hand colored with ink and watercolor

The rise and fall of the Pilbots

there were originally supposed to be 10, but I killed our makerbot at work printing these guys... so I ended up with 6.

after the bodies were printed, styrene was added for the arms and legs, and greeblies from various kits   for details.
typical way i paint white
hoses and wires
numbered... still more to come

Special O update

I haven't updated in a while. But I've been super busy. Heres the last 3 months of the special O...
the spikes had been finalized
the weapons have been finalized
some base paint
typical paint layering, which acts as a pre weathering technique.
base paint complete pre weather
two coats of artist oils at this point... more to come